Lavrio - Sounio
Half-day Lavrio - Sounio tour

The honoured and historic narrow passage (Lavrio = narrow passage) is the ideal place to spend a relaxing, original and unique day.Scattered by mines, caves, full of monuments of ancient and modern times of Greek history. It provoques you its secrets. The oldest surviving theater of Thorikos, the uncomparable Temple of Poseidon and the beautiful Harbour gives you the impression of being in an island.
Lavrio has walked by the most important figures of world history and culture. Songs, poems, hymns have been fully spelled out for the sunset and the masterpiece of the Temple of Poseidon.Therefore,be acquainted with Lavrio and get your own opinion …



Temple of Poseidon Ancient Mining Road (Chaos-Kamariza) / Ancient Mining Washer / Warehouses / Settlements / Caves/ geological phenomena/ Chaos /Catholic Church Jesus CHRIST (founded 1882) Miraculous Church / Monastery St Nectarios/ Buildings and French Mining Company of Lavrion /Ancient Theatre Thorikou Lavrion (oldest surviving theater in Greece/ Modern Lavrion town (Port / Marina Lavrion / French Skala / Clock (Laboratory) / Old and New town Hall (OikiaSerpieri) / Statue Serpieri / district Kyprianou / Euterpe / Archaeological Museum of Lavrion


POSEIDON TEMPLE Tickets Full: €8, Reduced: €4

Winter: 9:30 – sunset
Summer: 9:00 a.m. – sunset